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Virus Removal, screen repair, power related issues, software recovery.


iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Projectors, Smartphones & Tablets Flat screen TVs, Drones, Synthesizers, Smart watches, high-end audio and video equipment...


Memory upgrades from as low at $40.



Recover lost or deleted files from hard drive, flash drives, iphone, macs... (More info)


eBay,Paypal, Online Merchant Accounts, Web Hosting, Domain setup, SEO, Advertising.


Video Editing, Audio Recording, Music Production, Photo touch ups, Video Slideshows, CD Duplication, CD Design.


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  • Economy service is completed on an indefinite time period
      It is important to understand that while Economy service is our most affordable service, it is not recommended for time sensitive and business clients who cannot wait. There is no ETA when service will be done. Bottom line: It's cheaper, but slower.
  • Repairs are not guaranteed
      We do work the occasional miracle, but we are not Gods.
  • 7 Day Return Policy.
      Returns/exchanges for defective, or otherwise "undesired" items are are valid for store credit only and must be returned within 7 calender days from the date of sale accompanied with your service order receipt.
  • Obtaining a Warranty.
      For products/services under $100, a 1 year extended warranty can be obtained for $20 at the time of purchase. For products/services greater than $100, a 1 year extended warranty can be obtained for 20% of your bill. Merchandise and services DO NOT come with any warranty unless you purchase an extended warranty plan. Note: Emergency service fees and onsite service fees are not included with a warranty repair/exchange.
  • Retain your receipt.
      Cash paying customers will not be credited for deposits paid, nor will warranties be honored without your original receipt.
  • Read this page again.
      It is your responsibility to read and understand our service policy. Inquire within if you are unsure about anything.
  • Hourly Fees
      All services are billed hourly with a 1 hour min. and 5 hour max.
  • Refunds
      All services are billed as consultation and are non-refundable.
  • Parts
      Service parts are ordered via 3rd party distributors and payment may be required prior to ordering.
  • Emergency, Same Day & Onsite Service.
      Emergency, Same Day and on-site services are an additional $25 per hour.


IN-SHOP: $75 Hr.
ON-SITE: +$25 Hr.

  •  Economy
    Work is done on an indefinite time period. Mon-Fr, 10-4PM.
  • Emergency
    All other work is dropped to attend your service. Add $25 per hour.
    24 Hrs a day.

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